When 30 death raised his family of Benjamin סמ”ש Jakobovits z along his arms to the Tomb to the alarm condition. At the end of the ceremony participated in schroloachm race סמ”ש, Benjamin Jakobovits,
Last month wounded critically in an overridden during operational activity and a few days later died.
From his wounds. Yesterday, 30, raised his family, his commanders and comrades-in-arms and a tomb for the ceremony.
Discovering the tombstone. At the end of the ceremony attended by his company in the race. The first wanted Klik
The fighters along with his parents, his brothers, his parents and his relatives of Benjamin.

“Until my last day on the border guard,
Obituary Stas סמ”ש ‘s father Jakobovits z.” he was proud to be in, to be
Some family love, hugs and support from now, where my son died became a part of it. I know
The fighters continue to protect our citizens and the State, as do old until his last day. At the end of
The ceremony of סמ”ש ‘s parents were Benjamin Jakubowicz icons and ranks them wore.

May he rest in peace.

Translated from Hebrew