Rafi Berkowitz Appointed Director of the Nuclear Research Center – Soreq
Photo by Haim Zah, GPO  

 Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu approved the appointment of Brig.-Gen. (ret.) Rafi Berkowitz as Director of the Nuclear Research Center – Soreq.

The Prime Minister commended him and thanked outgoing director Dr. Rafi Levi, who replaced the late Yisrael Rothman, who passed away approximately one year ago.


Prime Minister Netanyahu: "You have proven that you are suited for this position. There is no project without science and no science without the ability to implement specific projects in the important field in which the nuclear research center serves as a national laboratory.
Our people was taken to the depths of the pits of death and annihilation and raised itself up by the combined power of its brain and its heart: The heart – first of all, the will and our great aspiration for life and the brain – what gives us force multipliers that find expression in the relative strength of the State of Israel, which is immeasurably greater than its relative size. There is a very strong combination here of mental and intellectual forces; this is what will – in the end – ensure our future."

 Dr. Levi had previously served as Deputy Director General of the Atomic Energy Commission. Brig.-Gen. Berkowitz has a broad technological education including a bachelor’s degree from the Technion and a master’s degree from Ben-Gurion University. He has extensive and varied administrative experience in engineering, development and systems management in both the government and civil sectors.