Ramat-David for Healthy Lifestyle Ramat-David for Healthy Lifestyle Ramat-David for Healthy Lifestyle For a whole month, the participants of the “Healthy Valley” project at Ramat-David Airbase underwent intensive training in order to improve their way of life – and the results are inspiring

Shachar Zorani | Translation: Eden Sharon

After a month of hard work and trainings, the events of the “Healthy Valley” project at Ramat-David Airbase came to a close. The project addresses officers and NCOs with health problems, especially weight-related problem, and aims to improve their health condition in the short and long term. “The goal is to encourage people to take care of themselves and adopt a healthy lifestyle”, says Private Lior Shacham, a physical training instructor at the airbase. “We wanted to raise awareness for fitness and proper nutrition among the NCOs and the officers”.

The project is unique to the airbase and has taken place for the twice so far. During the project, the physical training team worked closely with the participants and held various classes, tours and talks with professionals and people with similar life stories.

Inspiring results
The difficulty of combining healthy lifestyle with the dynamic army life is what initiated the project; a thorough work plan was created, and the participants had to deal with many challenges, one of which was being cut off from their work – in addition to the fact that they were not physically in their offices, the use of cellphones was prohibited throughout the program.

The results of the challenging month are inspiring: The officers and NCOs went through a significant process, both in terms of weight lost and improving their lifestyle and health. “This is a praiseworthy project”, said Sergeant Shiran Kadosh from the Construction Department of the Airbase. “I didn’t believe I could make it. I decided that I’d prove to everyone that I can do it and I did – I acquired skills for the future and graduated successfully”.

“We opened up and became best friends”
Most of the participants serve in various command positions. During the project, as opposed to their routine, they focused most of their attention on themselves and their friends. “The army’s investment in our personal lives is not something we can take for granted”, said Command Sergeant Major Berry Epstein from the maintenance squadron of the airbase.

The program has also led to the creation of wonderful bonds. “I suddenly saw people in a different light. We opened up and became good friends”, said Command Sergeant Major Epstein. Many participants have claimed that the project has also strengthened the bonds with their family. “Now my son and I have something in common”, added Command Sergeant Major Epstein. “We go running in Saturdays, something we weren’t able to do before”.