Ramat-David Touches Ground Ramat-David Touches Ground

Putting on G-Suits Ramat-David Touches Ground

A Closer Look at the F-15 Ramat-David Touches Ground

IAF crew members guide the officers: How does the ground look from above? Ramat-David Touches Ground

Infantry Corps Officers at Ramat-David Commanders of combat reserve units arrived at Ramat-David airbase for a joint information session at the combat squadrons. The commanders received training in order to improve cooperation with the combat formation of the IAF

Lilach Gonen | Photography: Yonatan Zalk

Ramat-David airbase filled yesterday with commanders of various reserve units of the ground forces, for a day-long battle program. The main goal of the day is to train the reserve people for joint activity with the combat formation of the IAF. “The goal is for the ground commanders to learn to activate aerial response”, said Lieutenant Colonel Yariv, head of a training crew at the IAF cooperation unit.

Throughout the day, the military infantry corps officer learned about target planning and practiced marking targets from the ground for an aerial attack. Additionally, they received a detailed brief on the F-15 plane and watched attack footage. Throughout the entire day, air crew members accompanied the ground unit officers in order to mentor them and answer questions. “This day is immensely important in improving our cooperation with the force”, said Colonel Avi Dahan, Commander of the Reserve Division.

In the past years an emphasis has been placed on creating a mutual language between the pilots and IAF people and the members of the ground forces. “The majority of the problems in the collaboration of the infantry corps and the IAF are created as a result of language issues”. This is the second program of its kind, and future such days are expected to be conducted between two and three times a year.