Reinforcing the skies: “Patriot” Training

Reinforcing the skies: “Patriot” Training

Soldiers of the Northern “Patriot” battery practiced operational deployment in the field. The combat exercise was conducted quickly, with minimum preparation and constantly changing scenarios

Naomi Zoreff | Translation: Eden Sharon

When the command was given, the soldiers of the Northern “Patriot” battery has only a few hours to disassemble the battery, deploy it in the new relevant site and proclaim their readiness to face an enemy attack coming from the north.

A few hours later they had to move the battery again and prepare it for intercepting threats from the Southern arena.
“We are required to have the ability to deploy in a very short time so we must practice. In order for the mission to run smoothly we must maintain order and organization and pay attention even to the smallest of details”, explained Major Udi Lavi, Battery Commander.

The “Patriot” batteries are protecting the skies from different aerial threats and during the passing year they were proven necessary by shooting down various manned and unmanned aircraft penetrations into Israeli territory. Similar to the “Iron Dome” batteries, the “Patriot” batteries usually have the ability to “skip” from place to place in accordance with intelligence evaluations and operational needs.
“This exercise is of great importance for us. We get to deploy the battery in the field only in trainings. We must be competent in case of a real scenario”.

Applying the Lessons of Operation “Protective Edge”
“We made sure to implement the lessons learnt from Operation ‘Protective Edge’ and by that we improved the quality of the training. We also simulated a mass-casualty incident and examined our ability to deal with such event”, explained Battery Commander.

Six week ago, the battery entered the “Power building” stage – two months dedicated to training and various workshops, as well as enrichment and team building.
“The need for the ‘Patriot’ may arise at any time and we are always ready”, said Major Udi. “An additional battery was added during the past year, allowing a longer ‘Power building’ period to be used for training”.