The incoming Commissioner received at reception. “I felt from the moment as I had resolved to serve as Police Commissioner (v) was held at the national headquarters in Jerusalem reception
The 18th Chief of police Ronnie relations 212. The ceremony was held in the presence of the Minister of public security
Inside, the command staff of the Police Commissioner and the club face and invited

The Commissioner spoke at the ceremony and said, “I joined officially the
ODA, although I felt from the beginning as I had resolved it and took on
The mission to serve as Police Commissioner, warmed my heart to see Syrian officers chatting
From work, as well as enthusiastic for change required to change and correct and prepared for the task force
Them, of the concept of citizen service.

“The police are dealing with managerial and professional challenge, not on Enterprise
Similar police worldwide. She proved in recent weeks that in the context of this challenge, it is all
A place for and personal safety, in the most literal sense of the word. “

“Our challenge will be to ‘ be there ‘ for the citizens in all areas of life. Not
Only in security, not only in the eye of the covert war on crime, but also determined
Everyday problems of citizens, including those relating to quality of life. “

“We will need to quickly fill the missing sit. Thankfully I
Find out more and more recently, citizens want to join the police lines of an ideal. Warmed
Heart in recent weeks be exposed even to the voluntary power of Israel Police news
In many areas of the civil service.

“There is no doubt that the police in a democratic State cannot function without
Public confidence that it serves. The spirit met in battle the officers and commanders, as well as wind.
Volunteering citizens and change the trend to greater recruitment, marking an important point of light
The path of “public trust”. It is also an opportunity to call to all citizens of Israel
The population, to come and make a difference. The cops sitting at Tower tooth “. This is
The Mission of the public and for the public.

Translated from Hebrew