Ronnie alshich was appointed Commissioner of official 18th Israel Police. In a ceremony at the Prime Minister’s Office granted degrees relations. aware of the mission imposed on my shoulder “(v) held in Prime Minister Office ceremony.
Appointment of the new Commissioner of the Israel Police, Ronnie’s 212. During the ceremony awarded degrees Commissioner.
The incoming Chief expected to attend later in the day at a ceremony at the President’s Jerusalem headquarters ceremony
The State of Israel. Then the Western iibeckr and afternoon lay in Memorial
The Israel Police martyrs at the National Police College in Beit Shemesh.

212 (52) married with seven children, lives in central Israel. He has served in recent times as Deputy Prime Minister and also served as substitute head of the formerly served in the paratroopers brigade of the IDF, and most recently in the IDF he served as Deputy Commander of the regiment.

Relations 212 spoke at the ceremony and said: “since I had resolved to undertake the mission to serve
As Police Commissioner, was introduced and they packed the heart within mainstream Israel, police officials
As they surface among levels of mainstream Porsche police have invested the best years and
Mainstream public’s heart, inside friends, but mostly ordinary numerous citizens feel a need, to wish good luck and strengthen “.

“Suddenly I felt vividly how intense the relationship between healthy and civilized society and
Quality police her maid, how truly needed the police.
And as a derivative of that, as the mission imposed on my shoulder. “

“In the time I have to get to know in depth the Organization internally, I learned how the police
Interested in changing, as those who chose me to lead it. Found among the police.
And even among the General staff in particular – to partner action plan is focused and determined,
Her get together in order to succeed in their mission and purpose, that no citizens of Israel
Other police.

“We are here to serve. It is our job to serve the citizen the normative law
To allow optimal personal security to do our part in improving law compliance norms among
Normative and civil war, as determined and uncompromising who choose to define himself.
As a repeat offender. There is no contradiction between our effort to allow an honest citizen to live their life.
Correctly or that cause the offender to live in constant fear. I was delighted to discover there is no one to police work. I saw policemen with spark
In their eyes, who understand the importance of the role the sensitivity and complexity and with them go forward.

“Special thanks to Commissioner is substitute benzi Sao, who discovered the responsibility
And took upon himself the role of acting Commissioner for an additional period, to help to exploit
The short time given me,
I thank the Minister of public security and the Prime Minister, for the trust you have given me. This is about.
National Mission and have no doubt that the political echelon yirtam to help, through regulation,
Legislation and resources to fulfill our vocation. “

“Special thanks to my dear family, especially my wife. Every step of my life I
Thrilled again and amochnot of my sacrifice and backup that is giving me, backup
Allowing me to undertake more and more demanding tasks. It’s about time not only back but
The encouragement and moral decision in taking the job on my shoulder.  ה”הנני”
The first was, long before and admired and loved.

Translated from Hebrew