Renovated Radar for Patriot Renovated Radar for Patriot Renovated Radar for Patriot American industries have renovated an IAF Patriot radar, which arrived here over 20 years ago, as a special project. “The renovation extended the radar’s lifespan and its credibility. It has received 30 technical upgrades”

Shir Aharon Bram | Photography: Lieutenant Yohai Levi, Aerial Defense Formation

In a ceremony held this morning “Radar 120” of the Patriot System–a radar that has been renovated as a part of a special U.S Military program–has been initiated into the Aerial Defense Formation. Today, the radar will be transferred to Aerial Defense batteries, which will now put it into operational use. “Today, we will be concluding a long process when the radar is handed off to the unit”, said Commander of the Aerial Defense Formation, Brigadier General Shahar Shochat. “It’s a feeling of great pride and satisfaction”.

The improved radar began its way in the IAF over two decades ago. “We’re talking about a radar that was integrated in the Gulf War, in the year 1991”, says Major Nir Hokima, head of ground-to-air missiles in the Material Directorate. “It’s been working nonstop 24/7, very grinding work. When it was sent for renovation it was no less than 21 years old”, he states. “The renovation has extended the lifespan and credibility of the radar. It has also undergone 30 technical upgrades which improve performances, security and maintenance”.

According to Major Hokima, this is an extraordinary project in which U.S industries renovate weaponry for a foreign military. The radar renovation project was a cooperation between the interception systems wing in the Materiel Directorate and the aerial defense wing of the ADF. It also includes upgrades in the “cleanness” of the frequency produces by the radar, renovations to the antenna and trailer, and the all-around improvement of the radar.