Rescue Exercise at Sde-Dov Rescue Exercise at Sde-Dov Rescue Exercise at Sde-Dov

“All crews functioned as if the situation were real” Rescue Exercise at Sde-Dov

The Beechcraft “King Air” on the Runway Rescue Exercise at Sde-Dov

The Airbase Firefighters Enter to Rescue Pilots All emergency authorities at Sde-Dov airbase practiced evacuating and rescuing pilots in cases of plane malfunctions. Only after successfully completing the exercise were the crews notified that this was not a real emergency

Shir Golan

The alarm siren wailed for a number of seconds at Sde-Dov airbase. Several minutes after the supervisors’ announcement of emergency status, two fire trucks, a firefighting crew, a medical crew and a rescue vehicle arrived on the landing strip. All of the above waited for the Beechcraft “King Air” which’s cockpit, according to their knowledge, had filled with smoke that threatened the pilots’ lives.
Flight supervisors from the airbase control tower, the Aerial Squadron and the Aerial Control Unit all participated in the exercise.

Practicing a Real Event

“This is a very important exercise”, explained commander of the firefighting crew at the airbase, Sergeant Major Zach Shachar. “Because we didn’t know it was just an exercise, all the crews arrived and functioned swiftly as if it were real”. Commander of the Control Tower, First Lieutenant Lee, adds: “The supervisors worked very professionally, with aplomb and calmness”.

At the end of the exercise, a number of bullet-points were brought up for future improvements in performance: “Rescue crew members need to improve their knowledge of the plane structure”, was one of the statements made. “In my opinion”, said Deputy Commander of the Aerial Squadron, who is responsible for exercises in the airbase, “The result is good. The evacuation was carried out successfully”.