Reserve Duty Batteries for Iron Dome

Upgraded radars will accompany the new batteries New layer… Reserve Duty Batteries for Iron Dome

Reserve batteries are expected to become operational in 2013 The “Iron Dome” unit, which has recently deployed to Eilat, is preparing for another upgrade. Soon, new batteries of the system will be established–and for the first time, they will be reserve duty batteries

Shir Aharon Bram

The next batteries of the “Iron Dome’ system are destined to become operational in early 2013. The batteries, which will be classified as reserve duty systems, will be operated through the advanced Iron Dome system–‘Iron Dome 2’.

In addition to the new upgrade that will integrate a number of advancements in the system, the batteries are expected to come with the upgraded MMR radars which will replace the radars used today. The new radars will have a larger range and will allow the battery to protect larger zones.

As part of the preparation for the installation of the batteries, the Aerial Defense Formation has begun training soldiers of other weapon systems for reserve duty service at the ‘Iron Dome’ batteries. The veteran soldiers of the Hawk, patriot, and stinger are going through a conversion course teaching them all about the ‘Iron Dome’. They will then join the fighters of the other four Iron Dome batteries.