Saar 5 Missile Boat

The naval theater of the future presents many challenges including surface combat, underwater warfare, defense against sophisticated missiles and attacks from aircraft. The Lahav class Saar 5 is a multi-purpose missile corvette designed and planned by the Israel Navy as an effective response to future challenges. The Saar 5, which has a high level of survivability is equipped with a helicopter and surface-to-surface, anti-aircraft and anti-submarine capabilities. Designed to remain at sea for relatively long periods of time, its primary use is as a command ship for task forces. As such, it is equipped with the most advanced combat, navigation and propulsion systems existing in the world today. The Israel Navy currently has three Saar 5 missile boats.

Technical Data – Lahav Class Saar 5

Length 85.6 meters
Beam 10.3 meters
Displacement full load 1062 tons
Maximum Speed 33 knots (approximate)
Propulsion 1 diesel engine and 2 gas turbine engines
Weapon systems 8 improved Gabriel sea-to-sea missiles
8 Harpoon sea-to-sea missiles
64 Barak missiles
76 and 25 mm guns
Uniform command, control and automation systems
Crew 62 (including air crew)