In regard to 16 reserve brigades, who were recruited in recent months, said Police Commissioner: “continued to be a role model for all the appreciation and salute to the border reserve was held at the National Police College. “I salute you for your service tiizbutchm at the moment of truth,” said Police Chief Warriors, relations between Rooney, 212. “There are tasks that only Jack can fill, so read all 16 reserve brigades to the flag. The Warriors of Jihad are double power for Israel Police. On behalf of all citizens of Israel, thank you, fighters, continued to be a role model for all of us. “

Due to the security situation, it was decided two months ago to recruit talented 16 reserve brigades and art in Israel Police task especially for treating disruptions and hostile terrorist activity. Border guard commander, major General Amos Jacob said in his speech: “Jerusalem shmo melodies – blessed and blessed Israel in guards and commanders. Transport your professionalism, dedication and a sense of mission. They run many events with determination, courage, protection in your body and they run for saving lives in a way that evokes wonder. “

“You force the equality not only because of the scope of the powers, but mainly due to human power that you find,” he added. “What you are proving the power of our people, the human tissue we all a part of it and that did not allow to stand, and in that spirit you chose to say ‘ I ‘ and to enlist in a time where we need and require.

The dinner was held in the presence of the Commissioner, Commissioner Ronnie alshich, the border Commander, major General Amos Yaakov, Jerusalem District Commander, major General Moshe (צ׳יקו) Edri, Deputy Commander of the border police, major general Yossi command, staff, warriors and the warriors and their families.

Translated from Hebrew