Security Issue Avoided

An F-16 Fighting Falcon Taking off for Practice at Ramat-David Security Issue Avoided

Technical Crew Members Performing Maintenance on a Plane Security Issue Avoided

An F-16 Fighting Falcon at Ramat-David Airbase If you’ve witnessed many airplanes taking off or landing you must know that the powerful sound is not only felt by your ears but vibrates through your entire body. This past week, thanks to that noise and an experienced mechanic, a security issue was avoided

Lilach Gonen

Sergeant Major Haim Adani, a mechanic in ‘Knights of the North’ Squadron located in Ramat-David airbase prevented a routine F-16 Fighting Falcon flight from taking off because of a suspicious sound coming from the engine.

In a routine examination before the flight, Sergeant Major Adani recognized an unfamiliar sound coming from the aircraft. “I heard a very strange noise and even though there was no reason to suspect a problem I decided to call and prevent the plane from taking off. I just followed my instincts”, says Adani. Later that day, these same instincts were responsible for the discovery of a problem in the airplane.”I’m just happy nothing worse happened” says Adani. “I’m not looking for awards or pride. I’m just glad I got to do my job in the best way possible”.

“That is what we call the epitome of a mechanic’s job”, says Lieutenant Colonel Moshe Abo, commander of the maintenance unit in Ramat-David. “Haim Adani proved and implemented every value of the technical formation: responsibility, safety, professionalism, personal example and commitment”. The squadron and the airbase are very proud of Sergeant Major Adani, and next week he will receive a certificate of appreciation from Commander of Ramat-David airbase.