Below are selected quotes from the speeches of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Minister of Health Rabbi Yakov Litzman and Minister of the Development of the Negev and Galil, Rabbi Aryeh Machluf Deri, at the 8th Galilee Conference that was held in Akko:

  • Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: “The vision that I am leading is based on two principles- massive investment in physical infrastructures and in knowledge centers – we wish to turn the Galilee and the Negev into Israel’s new center. We are talking about massive investment in transport, roads and railways, a large part of which arises from personal experience – I have been stuck countless times in Wadi Ara and in the Galilee. These things have brought me as prime minister to adopt the gargantuan transport project of the Minister of Transport. This is an important step towards eliminating the status of periphery – I want to turn the Galilee into an international tourism engine.”
  • Minister of Health Rabbi Yakov Litzman: “The periphery is the highest priority of the Ministry of Health, and it is my aim as a Minister and the aim of the Ministry to reduce the discrepancies between the center and the periphery. We have set up 15 centers for emergency medicine in the periphery, and the mental health reform is dealing first of all with the problem of treatment in the periphery. I wish to condemn the reports claiming that there is discrimination in favor of the Haredim in the reform – there is no political association. We are partners in establishing a rehabilitation center in the Galilee. We have decided that the new rehabilitation center will be in Karmi’el, and we are announcing a dramatic move in the field of the reform in the periphery, cooperation between hospitals in the center and in the periphery – we have come to an agreement of cooperation between Poriyah and Sheba Hospital – one of the greatest heart surgeons in the country operates once per week at Poriyah; we can also do this at Ziv in Zefat. Specialist physicians at medical centers in the center will be employed in parallel in the periphery, a step that will advance health services in the Negev and in the Galilee, in the North and in the South.”
  • Minister of the Development of the Negev and Galil, Rabbi Aryeh Machluf Deri: “The program that we are leading is unprecedented in its extent, and through this program, the Ministry will act to reinforce the socioeconomic strength and continued demographic growth and will help to continue the strengthen the Galilee as a desired destination for living in, education, trade, industry and additional fields of life. The Galilee is destined to become a region rich in knowledge and quality industry, and in the framework of this process, the Ministry will invest in leveraging the Galilee’s potential, and will encourage the establishment of centers of employment stability in the region. We are talking about a new metropolis in the Galilee. Haifa is no longer enough, we are talking about a university in the Galilee – we have no doubt that a university as an anchor for all six colleges will make a difference and will provide forward momentum for the young.”