The IAF command expects terrorist organization in Gaza to attempt smuggling in anti-aircraft missiles, following Hezbollah successful interception of an IAF helicopter in Lebanon

Nikolai Avrutov | Alazar Ben Lulu



 “Terrorist organizations in Gaza have the ability to intercept aircrafts”, says a senior officer at the IAF. The air force plays a major role in the fight against terrorist organization in Gaza.


There is an expectation that following the successful interception of an Israeli helicopter by Hezbollah in Lebanon, terrorist organizations in Gaza will follow suit, and will attempt to smuggle in anti-aircraft missiles. “The anti-aircraft missile threat is on the rise, and we are preparing for it”, said the senior officer.

According to the officer, the IAF has significantly increased the scope of its work in Gaza, and it only makes sense for the terrorist organizations to attempt to intercept some of the aircrafts, learning their lessons from the activities at the northern border.

The officer did not point to a particular organization with such capabilities at this time. “Our work is against any terrorist infrastructure. We do not distinguish between the different organizations”.