Serving to Protect: Security Forces Put an End to Terror Attacks

Since the beginning of October, violence and terror attacks have escalated significantly. IDF (Zahal) soldiers have shown great courage in the face of danger. Last week, two young IDF (Zahal) officers exhibited bravery by preventing further civilian casualties. Here is a look back at those acts of courage that helped save Israeli lives.

October 8th, 3 PM, Central Tel Aviv:

In the early hours of the afternoon, a 19-year-old Palestinian executed a stabbing attack in the heart of Tel Aviv. The attacker stabbed a female soldier in front of her mother and attempted to steal the soldier’s gun. After wounding her, the assailant proceeded to stab three other people. 2nd Lt. Daniel witnessed the attack from a distance, pursued the assailant, and prevented further civilian casualties.

“I did what is expected from every soldier.” -2nd Lt. Daniel after neutralizing terrorist in Tel Aviv stabbing attack

— IDF (Zahal) (@IDF (Zahal)Spokesperson) October 8, 2015

October 10th, 12 AM, near Hebron:

2nd Lt. Omer was patrolling the communities in the Hebron area with another soldier when they identified suspicious movements. Shortly after, they realized these movements came from a terrorist attempting to infiltrate one of the Jewish communities. 2nd Lt. Omer reacted immediately and neutralized the assailant who was wielding a knife and armed with a handgun.

Serving to Protect: Security Forces Put an End to Terror Attacks

2nd Lt. Omer

October 11th, 7 AM, Ma’ale Adumim:

During a routine patrol on the road between Ma’ale Adumim and Jerusalem, a police officer spotted a car driving suspiciously. He approached the driver and asked her to pull over. The woman then yelled “Allahu Akbar” twice and ignited gas canisters in her car. The police officer was lightly injured and the attacker was seriously injured in the explosion. Following an investigation, officials concluded that the woman planned on detonating her car in Jerusalem’s crowded streets.

The quick thinking and readiness of our soldiers stopped the terrorists before more harm could be done. These heroes stayed true to the oath they took when they joined the IDF (Zahal): “I swear (…) to devote all my energies (…) for the protection of the homeland and the liberty of Israel.”