Simulating Airliner Crash at IAF Airbase

Photo by: Noa Hyman

Simulating Airliner Crash at IAF Airbase

“The scenario of an airliner crashing on our runway is not unimaginable”

Photo by: Noa Hyman

An aerial emergency simulation was held in Sde-Dov Airbase near Tel-Aviv. The forces simulated an airliner crash on the main runway of the airbase – a possible scenario, as the airbase acts also as a civil airport

Vered Talala | Translation: Eden Sharon

The main runway of Sde-Dov Airbase became a scene of an accident: An airliner with hundreds of passengers has crashed on it. The alarm suddenly went off and rescue and firefighting units were rushed to the main runway of the airbase, where they came across a fire inside an airliner. This scenario took place as part of an aerial emergency drill held in the airbase.

“This drill is of great magnitude”, said Colonel I’, the Airbase Commander. “The scenario of an airliner crashing on our runway is not unimaginable and we must be prepared. In case of a crash, the teams of the airbase are expected to provide the initial rescue response”.

In The Dark of night
Given that the airbase military and civil aviation activities, the soldiers of Sde-Dov are constantly being trained with that scenario and are well-prepared for it. Back to the drill: While the rescue teams evacuated the passengers from the burning plane and looked for other wounded outside, the first aid team fought for the lives of the passengers.

An hour after the simulated crash, passengers were all evacuated and transferred to hospitals. But apart from the massive number of participant, there was another challenging part for the teams: For the first time, the drill was held at nighttime.

The simulation included many different fire centers and a larger amount of casualties. Many emergency forces such as the Airbase’s rescue and firefighting teams, MDA (Magen David Adom) the police and representatives of the civil airport, took part.

“We simulated the crash of a very large airliner with many passengers”, explained Lieutenant Colonel D’, a squadron commander and the coordinator of the drill. “It was a complicated drill. The forces had to locate the wounded passengers in the darkness. An actual crash will be much more difficult to handle and we must be prepared for any scenario”.