Smart Helmets Take Fighter Pilots to a New Level

You will never guess what’s inside the latest helmet worn by our fighter pilots in the IAF.         

So much more than just a helmet, this wearable piece of tech has undergone numerous upgrades since it was first introduced to our pilots in 1980. Captain R., an F-16I fighter pilot in the Orange Tailed Knights Squadron, offers an exclusive tour inside the helmet worn by these elite soldiers of the sky.

Smart Helmets Take Fighter Pilots to a New Level

Captain R. demonstrating the upgraded fighter helmet.

Advanced Screen Display System

Apart from the basics, like goggles, radio, oxygen mask and a power unit, the classic fighter helmet has been revamped to include a projector, which beams real-time intel and data directly into the pilot’s shades. With his/her right eye, the pilot can easily track information such as altitude, coordinates and radar signals. In addition, the pilot receives queuing info on a target they are focused on.

Built-In Camera Feature

In addition to the projector, each helmet comes equipped with a high-definition action camera. Consistently recording the pilot’s and the aircraft’s every move from takeoff to landing, the camera is the ideal learning tool. “We use the camera for in-depth debriefing, to learn what went well and what could be improved for the next time,” explains Captain R.

Smart Helmets Take Fighter Pilots to a New Level

Helmets worn by IAF pilots.

The helmets fit like a glove, as they are custom-made for each fighter pilot. However, they don’t come light. While each weighs 6 kg in normal conditions, “at high g-force, the helmet can weigh some 9 times its normal weight.” But for the F-16I aircraft, which offers precision targeting but is less maneuverable, the helmet is ideal.

Smart Helmets Take Fighter Pilots to a New Level

F-16I fighter jets soaring over the Ako Coastline.

With the ultimate helmet that doubles as a camera and a comprehensive display screen, our pilots are taking their flights to a whole new level. And when you’re zooming at Mach 2 or roughly twice the speed of soundyou’ll want to take this cutting-edge gear along for the ride.