Following months of deliberations, Knesset Director-General Ronen Plot has approved a tender for the installation of cameras in all of the parliament building`s conference rooms. This will allow the Knesset to transmit television broadcasts from all of its committees. Currently the Knesset can broadcast live from only one conference hall.

The Knesset`s Computerization and Technology Department has worked for six months on preparing 15 different event halls and committee conference rooms for the installation of the cameras. Now that the state budget has been approved, the project can be implemented.

On Wednesday morning the Knesset`s Computerization Committee, headed by Director-General Plot, Computerization and Technology Department Rubi Sandman, Information Unit Director Shmulik Hizkia, Director of Operations Dan Amar and legal advisor Attorney Shani Raviv Moshe convened to approve the project.

Soon: Live television broadcasts from all the Knesset committees

Knesset Speaker Yuli-Yoel Edelstein noted that the Knesset was recently named the most transparent institution in Israel. ”We are not stopping and are continuing with another step on the road to greater transparency of the legislative work carried out in the committees, with the purpose of allowing the public to watch and follow the legislative work in practice,” he said.

Director-General Plot: ”This is a revolution in transparency and accessibility for every viewer and citizen, who will be able to watch the committees, something that was not possible until now. I wish to congratulate the Computerization and Technology Department on this important initiative, and I have no doubt that now the Knesset will be more transparent.”

The Knesset`s streaming system will also be upgraded. This will allow parliament to eventually offer a VOD library of the committees` meetings. The infrastructure will also contain a visual interface that will display, during each broadcast, textual information about the committees and their work. The upgrading of the infrastructure will also allow leading news sites to stream live feeds from the Knesset.

Following the project`s approval, all documents related to it have been transferred to the Tenders Committee. The Knesset hopes to complete the project by the Passover recess.