Speaking Romanian Speaking Romanian Speaking Romanian Speaking Romanian Major General Cârnu Fănică, Commander of the Romanian Air force, visited Israel for a week. During his short stay he visited the IAF’s headquarters, “Nevatim” and “Tel Nof” airbases

Dana Rusou

The cooperation between the IAF and the Romanian Air Force is strengthening with every conjoined training session. This year, Israeli “Hercules” aircrafts arrived to Romania for training alongside the bereaved families who lost their dear ones in last year’s “Sikorsky CH-53” crash.

This was a first-time visit of Major General Cârnu Fănică to Israel.
“My name is Ami. My father is Romanian and I have ‘visited’ my Romanian roots twice”, says Lieutenant Colonel Ami, Commander of the IAF’s Experimental Aviation Unit at the “Tel Nof” airbase, where the Romanian Air Force Commander visited.

Lieutenant Ami wasn’t the only one to share an interesting detail. Colonel Oded Kalmanovitz started the tour with a confession: “I speak Romanian with my mother, but she said that I don’t speak very well, so we’ll speak English”.

The Bond Strengthens Over Tragedy
Major General Cârnu Fănică was impressed by more than the Romanian affinity of some of the IAF officers.
“It seems as if you are very professional and capable of carrying out very complex operations,” he concluded.
Earlier this week, the Romanian Major General arrived at a meeting at the IAF’s headquarters and visited “Nevatim” Airbase, where he flew the F-16 “Fighting Falcon”.
Later that day, he observed the “Hercules” formation which was deployed to Romania for the first time since last year’s crash.

“The cooperation between the two countries and forces is very important to us, we’re very satisfied and working on maintaining it”, explains Major Yariv, Head of the Foreign Operations at the force’s headquarters.
“The tragedy that both of our countries experienced, losing Romanian and Israeli team members, lead to the strong bond between the forces which we have today”.
Before returning home, Major General Cârnu Fănică will visit the “Yad VaShem” Holocaust Museum and the Israeli Defense Industries.