Graduates of Youth Groups, Men and Women alike. The IAF welcomes the Winter 2010 Class of the IAF Pilots Course

Right before the end of 2010, the IAF is proud to graduate another group of pilots who have finished their three years of flying school. Here’s an inside look at what the average graduate of Israeli Air Force Flight School looks like:

Graduates come from throughout the country, from Rosh Pina in the North to Lehavim in the South – 30% come from the north, 47.5% from the center of the country and 22.5% from the south.

35% grew up in cities while15% were born abroad.

22.5% of the graduates speak a foreign language as their mother tongue – 2.5% Russian and 20% English.

Of the 4 Majors that the participants of the Flight School can earn their BA in, 35% studied Information Systems Management, 17.5% studied Economics and Management, 22.5% studied Politics and Government, 22.5% studied Computer Sciences and 2.5% already had a BA upon entering Flight School.

55% of the graduates were members of Israeli youth groups, including 22.5% in the Israeli Scouts (Tsofim).

20% of the graduates volunteered for a year after high school before joining the army.

37.5% of course graduates are the oldest in their family, 25% are the youngest.

One graduate is married.

27.5% of the mothers of the graduates are teachers and 12.5% of the fathers are engineers.