Today, the Israel Navy has three Gal submarines. They were built in the 1970s at the Vickers shipyard in Britain, based on German blueprints. The Gal submarines are an important part of the main combat force of the Israel Navy.

Since the establishment of the submarine fleet at the end of the 1950s, the Israel Navy has had eight submarines. The first of them, the Rahav and Tanin, arrived in Israel in 1959 and 1960. INS Tanin participated in the landing of naval commandos in the port of Alexandria and the mine attack at the entrance to the port. Their service in the Israel Navy ended in the Six Day War.

In 1964, INS Dakar, INS Dolphin and INS Leviathan were purchased from the British Navy. INS Dakar drowned in 1968 and after years of searches, was located at the bottom of the eastern Mediterranan in 1999.

The Israel Navy welcomed the submarine INS “Leviathan” into its ranks in late 1999, the second of three submarines developed especially for the Navy. The first submarine, the INS “Dolphin”, arrived recently and the upcoming arrival of the INS “Tekumah” will close this circle.
The “Leviathan”, like the “Dolphin” and the “Tekumah”, will strengthen the IDF as part of the sailing force of the Israel Navy.