Successful Experiment for David’s Sling

Minister of Defense: “Anti-missile defense systems are of immense importance”


The David’s Sling Defense System has successfully completed a first experimental interception of short and mid range missiles. The system is to operate as an additional defense layer against missile threats alongside the Iron Dome, Patriot, and Arrow. 

IAF Website

The David’s Sling Defense System has successfully completed a first experimental intersection. The experiment was conducted by the “Wall” administration which works as part of the experimental management, developing ammunition and technology infrastructure for the Israeli Ministry of Defense alongside the American MDA (Missile Defense Agency).

This is the first experiment for the Israeli Ministry of Defense with the advanced system, which is manufactured by “Rafael Advanced Defense Systems” and the American “Raytheon” company. The details of the experiment will allow the advancement process of the system and further examinations intended to test its technological capabilities in preparation for actual operation.

The David’s Sling System was developed to provide an additional layer of security against short and mid range missiles aimed towards Israel. It is to join forces with Iron Dome, Patriot and the Arrow systems, as the future of the Aerial Defense Formation. The system is capable of intercepting surface-to-surface missiles and rockets in low to middle altitudes, in ranges that could protect the entire State of Israel.

Minister of Defense Ehud Barak congratulated the final experiment results and said that “The tremendous success of the Iron Dome during Operation Pillar of Defense demonstrates the immense importance of anti-missile systems. Israel leads in this domain thanks to the Israeli defense industries and its people”.