Jerusalem Post
Yediot Aharonot
Israel Hayom

 Summary of editorials from the Hebrew press


The Jerusalem Post comments on the climate change accord reached in Paris last "Saturday, and states: “Israel has indeed done much to meet climate targets.” The editor points out that there is yet still much that remains to be done, and adds: “Israel’s public transportation infrastructure is inadequate and cooperation with the Palestinians and Jordanians is lacking. The Paris conference on climate change provides an opportunity to celebrate Israel’s successes while at the same time acknowledging there is more work to do.”

Haaretz discusses the exploitation of households and small businesses by Israeli banks. The editor calls for the implementation of the Strum Committee recommendations, and states: “there’s no disagreement that if the steps recommended by the Strum Committee aren’t implemented, competition over consumer credit will never develop in Israel. The massive concentration and high cost of credit here necessitate adoption of the committee’s conclusions.”

Yediot Aharonot asserts: “There has almost always been terror, and there will likely always be terror,” and adds: “The ‘bottom line,’ as we often say and write, is that Palestinian terror will continue. With short and long breaks, with knives and with ambush fire.”

Israel Hayom marks the five years that have elapsed since the advent of the Arab Spring, and states that “By summer 2014, the Arab Spring had morphed into the Islamic Winter, and then the summer of ISIS.”  The author notes: “One way or another, the Middle East has changed,” and adds that “the Arab world has been replaced by a world of tribes, clans and radical Islamic movements that threaten to push Arabs backward by centuries.”

[Eitan Haber and Eyal Zisser wrote today’s articles in Yediot Aharonot and Israel Hayom, respectively.]