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Summary of editorials from the Hebrew press


The Jerusalem Post comments on a recent video produced by Im Tirtzu, an organization with a far right-wing agenda, depicting an actor posing as a Palestinian terrorist who raises his hand with a knife and proceeds to stab, which then accuses leaders of human rights NGOs of facilitating the murder of innocent Israelis: "In Israel, particularly since the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin, there has been more sensitivity to the real dangers of hate speech, particularly when those doing the speaking are on the Right. The video produced by Im Tirtzu should be protected by freedom of speech. But Im Tirtzu’s heads should have exercised better judgment and refrained from producing it."

Yediot Aharonot comments on the selection of Israel’s next attorney general: "Justice Minister Shaked is correct that the attorney general’s role is to assist the government in implementing policy. But her assertion with regard to the way in which he must fulfill this role is mistaken. The attorney general’s supreme loyalty is to the law, not to the government. He serves as a gatekeeper who defends the rule of law and preserve the state’s constitutional principles, including human rights and civil rights. Advisory activism is essential when the attorney general fights government corruption. It is necessary for combating governmental discrimination against the Arab minority, ensuring law is enforced in the West Bank, and guaranteeing the government upholds the rulings of the courts. Advisory activism and determination are crucial when warning the government that a bill it is promoting may infringe on human rights."

Haaretz comments on the forthcoming publication of new civics textbook by the Education Ministry: "Reviewing a draft of the textbook reveals that it places far greater emphasis on the Jewish aspects of life in this country than its democratic aspects. The draft textbook addresses the rights of Israel’s Arab minority only in the spheres of education and religion. It devotes great effort to dismantling the Arab community into subgroups of Muslims, Christians and Druze, while stressing the fact that the latter serve in the army." The paper concludes that the ministry should "suspend publication of the book and transfer the decision to an independent, professional committee of experts."

Israel Hayom writes: "The Israeli Medical Association has reversed a 2008 decision mandating that doctors at the scene of a ‎terrorist attack treat victims before the terrorist, regardless of the severity of the attacker’s wounds. ‎The wounded must be treated according to the severity of ‎their condition and ability to survive, and no other criteria. In practice, this means that the terrorist would ‎have to be treated before his victims, if it turns out that his wounds were more severe than theirs. Everything possible should be done by ‎responsible Israeli authorities, if need be with the intervention of Knesset members, to reverse this ‎shameful decision.‎|

[Dr. Guy Lurie and Judith Bergman wrote today’s articles in Yediot Aharonot and Israel Hayom, respectively.]​