Summer Break is Already Here: Aviation Camps Summer Break is Already Here: Aviation Camps Among the many options for summer camp, there is one camp to which young aviation enthusiasts flock to spend the hot summer months. Together, the children learn about aviation and outer space, build model airplanes, and dream about the IAF pilot course

Michal Khayut

Summer break is already here, and tens of thousands of teens will be attending different summer camps, from the north to the south. Among them, hundreds will be spending the summer months at camps that specialize in aerospace, from morning to night. “Every day, the children learn about aerospace”, explains Eyal Moshe, who is responsible for the camp “Touching the Sky”, which is attended by students from first to sixth grade. “They learn physics and aeronautics, and build different models: from IAF jets to exploding missiles”.

Camp “Touching the Sky” has been around for 20 years and takes into its care many young aviation enthusiasts. “We have a lot of children who love the world of aviation and have taken a real interest in it”, explains Eyal. “One of the former students of the camp recently sent me a picture from a bar mitzvah trip at an aviation museum. Some of the children who attended the camp even went on to complete the IAF pilot course”.

Natan Leibowitz and his son, Ronen, managers of the company, “Libo-Tech”, teach seminars for children on, among other topics, aviation. A large part of the seminars touch upon Israel’s aerospace legacy. “The children learn about Ilan Ramon, about his spaceflight, and about the man he was”, explains Natan, an IAF veteran. “They also learn about the Israeli jet, the “Lavi”, and build models of it out of balsa wood, a material out of which real, light aircrafts can be built”.