Thirteen suspects were arrested and detained for questioning on suspicion of selling adulterated gasoline and fraud offenses. Conducted searches at their homes and mshrdihambmsgret a joint investigation team of police and tax authority,
Detained and arrested this morning for questioning 13 suspects of committing crimes of fraudulently obtaining the circumstances.
Aggravated assault, conspiracy to murder, and trim production of invoices and tax offenses fistful totaling an estimated
Tens of millions of dollars in fuel.

According to suspicion, ran one of the suspects together with
Others maila business and selling diluted fuel, using false representations concerning his involvement with the company.
And while violating conditions set him Court. That investigation of the suspects carried out using invoices
Fistful to obtain funds fraudulently from tax authorities. The morning activity value officers and investigators
Customs and VAT tax authority in searches in suspects and seized documents in their offices and funds
And property for forfeiture request.

Translated from Hebrew