Twelve suspects have been arrested and detained for questioning in the investigation. Two of the suspects is also attributed to suspected offenses from inaium (Monday) arrested 12 suspects and detained for questioning, including senior staff, Council on suspicion of involvement in the affair that concerns the suspicion to commit bribery, fraud, tax violations and other offenses. Two of the suspects is also attributed to suspected sex offenses.

According to the Senior Council, conducted together with others, which promoted the interests of contractors and developers in Exchange for bribes, committing fraud, false registration, tax offences and money laundering law. In addition, investigated suspected that that the Council committed sexual offenses against prompt several women. It also investigated suspected that the contracting company owner arrested involved in other affairs concerning suspicion of committing fraud and other offenses for antitrust law.

The investigation by the police in cooperation with the antitrust authority and the tax authorities, assisted by the money laundering and financing terrorism and prosecutors (criminal law) and Tel Aviv (taxation and Economics). Due to the fact that, among other things, a contracting company traded on the stock exchange, performed with the Israel securities authority.

This morning, after an undercover investigation, police searches at suspects ‘ homes and their offices, including the offices and Council and contracting documents and computers as well as purchase and accounts for forfeiture request. According to the investigation of the suspects who were imported to extend their detention.

Translated from Hebrew