Six were arrested on suspicion of breaching continuously copyright law of committing fraud and money laundering after covert investigation detention worldwide morning homicide officers investigating intellectual property in the national unit for combating economic crime (יאל”כ) 433 annex blade and intelligence investigations of six other suspects detained on suspicion of founding and running a website that transmits to subscribers abroad of charge cable, satellite companies and other content without permission from the rights holders.

Recent site activity of a flagrant and ongoing copyright and trade marks Ordinance and the cable companies and rights holders and more, artists, craftsmen and professionals in the field behind the content and productions.

The investigation began as a result of a complaint of זיר״ה representatives (copyright on the Web) and operated in collaboration with researchers with the IRS in tax authority with the anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing and enforcement bodies abroad within the framework of international cooperation. The investigation follows from its inception by the Economics Department in the State Attorney’s Office.

According to several residents suspected the North purchased fraudulently using different identities, some fictional, converters and cable companies website with broadcast content to tens of thousands of subscribers, in Exchange for a monthly fee. In addition, the suspicion that those involved have acted to conceal the funds just from the payments.

Today (Sunday), after a long investigation and undercover, global managed using technological means, intelligence and advanced hkirthis, part intellectual property police searches in suspects and additional scenes were based on suspicion of committing the offences. Captured documents and exhibits, including dozens of converters and equipment items that were suspected to committing the offenses and property assets and accounts for forfeiture request.

The suspects are suspected of committing settled a violation of copyright law and trade marks Ordinance, nothing in tax fraud, counterfeiting, and money laundering. According to the investigation, who imported the suspects of a request to extend their detention in a court in Rishon Lezion.

Translated from Hebrew