Taking off Alone Taking off Alone Over the course of this year, UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) of the “Heron-1” model will possess the capability of independently taking off and landing

Michal Khayut and Shir Golan

The capabilities of taking off and landing automatically, which will be integrated in UAVs of the “Heron-1” model over the course of 2014, are expected to improve the operational capabilities of the drone.
Nowadays, the “Heron-1” takes off and lands with the help of an external operator, and now the UAV will receive the ability to do so independently, much like the system that exists in the “Heron TP” UAV.
“This is a trend in the whole UAV Division. We are trying to make unmanned aerial vehicles as autonomous as possible. We are among the leading nations in the world in this field”, says Lieutenant Colonel Ziv, head of the UAV Branch of the Weapons Department at IAF Headquarters.
“On an operational level, the advantages of integrating the system in the UAV are improving operational flexibility, another way of operating, an improvement in functional continuity and an improvement in the pace of takeoffs and landings”.
Additionally, the new capability will significant improve the safety of the “Heron-1” UAV in extreme situations.