Taking Off In Extreme Conditions Taking Off In Extreme Conditions New software that has been active for approximately a month in the F-15 squadrons, assists the aircrews in taking off safely in extreme conditions and dealing with malfunctions during takeoff

Nadav Berger

New software became operation in three F-15 squadrons a month ago, following years of being used only in F-16 squadrons.

The goal of the software is to calculate and to show the aircrews the immediate responses that will be needed in case of an unexpected malfunction during takeoff, all this even before going out on a flight.
The database of the software contains details of the F-15 jets and of the different runways they serve for the purposes of taking off from Tel Nof and Hatzerim airbase.

During the planning of a mission, the software is fed updated and specific data regarding the condition of the runway and the configuration of the jet depending on the different conditions of the environment at any given moment.

The software can calculate the wetness of the runways, the temperature, the weight of the plane and the weapons it carries. Based on the different parameters, the software performs calculations that provide the aircrew members with instructions on how to deal with an emergency during takeoff. Because the data are available to the aircrews even before the jet arrives, they will be able to respond accordingly immediately if need be, which is crucial as they will need to make a decision within a matter of seconds.
Arresting systems that can serve aircrews when a takeoff is disrupted are installed on runways fighter jets use.

“The software provides the aircrew members with data regarding optimal speed they must maintain during a takeoff”, explains Captain Anton Roniss, one of the developers of the software. “It specifies at what stages and at what speeds they will be able to stop the takeoff safely if a malfunction occurs”.
For example, if one of the engines shuts off after the jet has passed a third of the runway and is travelling at a certain speed, the pilot knows whether he must stop the takeoff or continue it, depending on the instructions he has received from the software before going out on the flight.