Talking Security Tens of security companies from around the globe and thousands of security people congregated this week in a Tel Aviv venue for the “Israel Defense” International Security Convention

Tal Michael

The convention was commenced by Minister Matan Vilnai, the Minister of Home Front Defense. “This year, the convention’s theme is ‘Home Front Defense’, a subject relevant to Israel now more than ever. The last few years have marked an understanding of the enemy that it does not have the ability to defeat the IDF, so it chose to attack the home front”.
Minister Vilnai accentuated the importance of the convention by describing the “next war”.
“Allow me to assuage you: The rockets in the next war will reach every part of Israel. We have to be prepared and use conventions and learning to be ready for the day that rockets will go far”.
The preparations for emergency situations have led “Israel Defense” to congregate the world’s best security companies under one roof. Almost everything and anything was there: sophisticated arming, new guns, camera systems, bullet-proof vehicles and even a touch of the IAF.
Amongst the presenters in the exhibition, “Sigmatek”, “A company that develops communications and supervision solutions for flight companies around the world, stood out in particular.
Earlier this week, the company’s people presented the solution to supervision in times of crisis: a portable control tower.
“We developed a control tower that is hoisted and allows two supervisors to place it out in field in cases of emergency and be able to see for a distance of about 10 kilometers in open fields and torn down airports”, said Gabby Cohen, Vice President of Engineering Systems in the company.
For example, the tower serves the U.N. in Haiti. The airport in Haiti was destroyed after the hurricane and the people of the U.N. installed portable towers there. “The U.N. enlists supervisors from different countries in the area and operates its towers out in the fields”.
According to Cohen, portable towers also serve the U.S. Military in improvised airports in the Middle East as well as in other countries. “The tower can be connected to a vehicle and be driven and of course, can be loaded onto a cargo plane and placed at almost any location imaginable”.