Technological Olympics

The Aeronautical Engineering School, during last year’s competition Technological Olympics

A Robot Participating in one of the Challenges The teams are already on-edge and are itching to utilize the toolbox to build the winning robot. Meet “FIRST”, a Robotics Competition for High School students, which will again include the Aeronautical Engineering School

Lilach Gonen and Yuval Tzuk

Every year, students from different technological schools around the country burst with enthusiasm over one unique event. The world-renowned “FIRST” competition will be taking place in Israel for the eighth time this year. Surely, the Aeronautical Engineering students of the IAF’s Technological School and other branches from across the country are well prepared for the sound of opening fire which will mark the beginning of the Robotics competition.

The competition requires several conditions: The various high school students will have to build their robotic projects according to the instructions they were given prior. Each of the participating schools has a 20 person group with tremendous robotic and technological knowledge and capabilities. “Out of 80 applicants who wanted to join the team we cherry-picked only the most advanced, successful and well behaved students since they have to know how to handle and balance the team’s intensity and competitive activities with preparations for winter finals at school. The chosen students are the essence of success”, says Major Shimon Niv, Commander of High School Aeronautical Engineering students at the Technological School, who is responsible for the “FIRST” project.

Building the robots is an arduous and complicated process which only gets more convoluted as time goes by, not to mention the short period of time given to complete the project. The annual task will later be presented to the teams, and they will be given two weeks to come up with the final result. “These will be a very intense couple of weeks where the students will have to lever professional issues. They are working in a very passionate, serious and careful manner”, says Major Niv.

Many schools from around the country have entered the competition. The three teams who place the highest will win a flight to the United States to represent Israel in the International Competition.