Tel Nof IAF Base, Your Host Tel Nof IAF Base, Your Host Tel Nof IAF Base, Your Host Tel Nof IAF Base, Your Host Tel Nof IAF Base hosted the Israeli Foreign Attaches Conference for the representatives of militaries around the world in Israel. During a tour throughout the base, the military attaches got to know the different units that operate and fulfill the many needs of the base

Yael Harari

For an entire day, the attaches experienced the routine of the IAF and tasted some of the operational activities of the Tel Nof IAF Base. The day began with a tour by the anti-aircraft squadron and a tour of the experimental flight center of the IAF. They were joined by the Commander of the IAF Headquarters, Brig. Ben. Nimrod Sheffer and later with the commander of the base, Brig. Gen. E, who presented to the group an introduction to the IAF and the Tel Nof IAF Base. Later, the group met with Lt. Col. A., Commander of Unit 669, who shared with the group the details of the unit, its mission, and why it was established. He showed several video presentations that detailed the application of the combat search and rescue unit during operational missions and rescues. “There’s a lot of pressure and uncertainty when you’re launched into the air,” he said. “We answer the call and are launched within minutes and have to make life or death decisions under a lot of pressure.”

Later during a discussion with the deputy commander of the base, Lt. Col. Ofer, the group learned about the helicopter squadrons that operate the Yasur (CH-53) helicopters. An anti-aircraft commander toured the group through the squadron and another commander shared with them the IAF experimental flight center.

“Anything that can take off and land is passed through us first,” explained Lt. Col. Ami. “Every helicopter, airplane, or new system or unknown object in the IAF comes to us, because there is no other way in. We are ‘unknown first in Israel,’” a translation of the inscription hanging on the wall. The visit continued into the air traffic control center of the anti-aircraft squadron and from there they went on a walking tour of the different planes of the IAF, including the F-16, CH-53, and others. Unit 669 also exhibited its search and rescue equipment. The group continued to a festive meal with the commander of the base where gifts were exchanged between the various attaches and the commander of Tel Nof IAF Base.

The day ended with a tour of the newest squadron on the base, the squadron that operates the Eitan UAV. There, the group heard from Lt. Col. Shai, commander of the squadron, about the exciting abilities of the hovering UAV.