Ten Pilot Training Course Tips

But Above All, Remember that All Things Must Come to an End! Ten Pilot Training Course Tips

Remember that Everyone Has a Hard Time on Flights Ten Pilot Training Course Tips

Work Hard to Improve Your Weak Spots from Flight to Flight Ten Pilot Training Course Tips

Fear Not Long Stays at the Base A new generation of pilots received their wings, and a new cycle of cadets is to enlist next week. So how can you succeed and survive the IAF Pilot Training Course? The 2012 Aviation Course graduates offer the ten tips for the upcoming recruits

Lilach Gonen

Enlistment day isn’t easy for most, but when you arrive at the induction center knowing that you are entering the elite Pilot Training Course of the IAF, the pressure really starts kicking in. You have no way of predicting the future: what is it like sleeping in tents, following orders, or firing a weapon for the first time? And the ultimate question, of course, is how do you fly a plane?

In order to ease things up for the new pilots cadets who will arrive at the academy next week, the IAF magazine gives you ten small but helpful tips which could assist you in the course and maybe even through life itself. These tips were given by the Pilot Training Course graduates of summer 2012, who were cadets mere days ago, and today operate as men and women of the aerial crew.

How Do You Manage Through the Course?

1. Even if you think he isn’t looking, don’t ever forget to salute First Sergeant Charlie.

2. Don’t worry, after a while you will get used to staying in base for a long period of time and you might even like it.

3. During your ‘check’ (stage concluding) flights, ask cadets from the previous course for tips–they remember it best of all.

4. Always share your treats with other; it’s most likely that they have better ones.

5. Work hard to improve and learn your weaknesses after every flight and remember that everyone is having a hard time. There is no reason for you to be sad even if you don’t do excellently.

6. There is no reason to be jealous of someone who is one step ahead of you, he’s working harder. These is also no reason to be jealous of someone who a step behind-you are closer to the finish line.

7. Become friends with the girls–they always have the best food.

8. Don’t wait for the sociometric exam. Be honest with people and become good friends with everyone around you.
9. People who drop out the course don’t disappear from earth, they are just moving to a different place. It’s not the end of the world.

10. The IAF Pilot Training Course is one of the longest courses in the IDF. Remember that it’s built of a few stages and always try thinking of the next stage. This too shall pass!