Terror on the border

The “Iron Dome” Deployed in Be’er Sheva Terror on the border

Bus Line 392

Photography by: Reuters

The IDF continues to respond to the series of terror incidents yesterday. Eight Israelis were killed. The Israeli Air Force has attacked terror targets in Gaza and the “Iron Dome” battery has been deployed to Be’er Sheva

Tonight (Thursday) IAF aircrafts attacked seven different terrorist targets throughout the Gaza Strip. Two terrorist activity centers and a weapon-manufacturing warehouse were attacked in the northern area of the strip, and two tunnels used for smuggling, a terrorist tunnel, and a terrorist activity center were attacked in the southern area.

“Iron Dome” Deployed to Be’er Sheva
Throughout last night, over 12 rockets were fired toward Southern Israel, and eight other M-21 Grad rockets have been fired toward Gedera, Be’er Shava, Ashkelon, and Ashdod since the morning.
An “Iron Dome” battery has been sent to the south in order to protect the inhabitants of the area. Most of the rockets have landed in open spaces without causing harm but one rocket landed in a courtyard of a Talmudic college, wounding four people, one of whom suffers serious injuries.
The “Iron Dome” system, up to this point, has intercepted four rockets. Since the combined terrorist attacks that took place on Thursday, soldiers have been kept on increased alert and are preparing for heavy fire on the South.
“Of course what happened yesterday was a warning light for us”, says Commander of the Battery placed in Be’er Sheva, Captain Elad Tzinmon. “We’re finding ourselves in a reality that’s reminiscent of the difficult intensification that occurred last time, in April. The soldiers here are deeply motivated and are working very hard”.

“The IDF will continue to work its hardest in order to protect the citizens of Israel and allow them to resume their normal lives in the area”, said Defense Minister Ehud Barak during a press briefing yesterday. “Unfortunately, we won’t always be able to avoid these kinds of terror attacks when faced with the continued efforts of the terrorists. The lessons from these events will be learned and the IDF is already attacking heads of terror groups in Gaza-Beyond that, if necessary, the extent of the attacks in Gaza will be widened”.

More Than 40 Wounded
The terrorist attacks began yesterday in the afternoon hours, north of the city of Eilat.
Terrorists began firing toward a commercial bus in adjacent to the Israel-Egypt border. An IDF vehicle drove over a roadside charge on its way to the shooting event, and later in the afternoon, guns and anti-tank weapons were fired toward a private vehicle and another bus. The terror incidents took the lives of eight Israelis.

“We’ve already operated in the Gaza area, attacking the place at which we think the roots of these terrorist attacks are”, said Commander in Chief of the IDF, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz. “We’ll continue our preparation, both in that area and in general, and promise the well-being of Israeli citizens. This strengthening is important and we must be prepared in the rest of the sector so we can operate the way we’ll need to in accordance with the evaluation that will take place in the next few hours with the political echelon”.
The Commander in chief summarized that the IDF will respond in a “powerful reaction of our forces, in the combat area and beyond it”.