Terror strikes the United States of America. In response, Israel closes its airspace.

The Twin Towers a moment after being hit by the second airliner Terror Strikes the United States

The September 11th terror attacks on New York, Washington and Pennsylvania are the biggest and deadliest in modern history.

Two “American Airlines” and two “United Airlines” commercial airliners packed with passengers are hijacked and then crashed into the World Trade Center in New York, the Pentagon building in Washington DC, and an open field in Pennsylvania. As a result, the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center collapse in downtown Manhattan, and a large section of the Pentagon building catches fire.

For the first time in history the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) halts all civilian flights in US airspace. The army goes on “Delta” alert – the highest possible. Behind the terrible attacks, which cause the deaths of approximately 3,000 Americans, stands the international terrorist organization headed by Saudi-born terrorist, Usama Bin-Laden.

Israel too takes special precaution measures. Israeli airspace is closed to all foreign airlines and IAF F-15’s escort the few civilian aircrafts who are allowed to land. All Israeli diplomatic offices in the US are evacuated.