On Wednesday, February 24th, the Ukrainian ambassador Ihor Tymofieiev and its military attaché, Col. Ivan Plyska, expressed their gratitude for rescuing Ukrainian sailors off a sunken ship

Nikolai Avrutov | Gal Goldshtein


Ukraine’s ambassador and its military attaché to Israel visited the Tel-Nof air base where their expressed their gratitude for the rescue mission two months ago.

About two months ago, members of the 669 search and rescue unit and members of the “Night Transporters” squadron rescued five out of 13 sailors on board of a sinking trade ship, near the shores of Lebanon.

“It is a great honour and pleasure for me to be here at your base, and express on behalf of my government, my nation, and the families of the rescued sailors, a gratitude for your work”, said the ambassador at the visit. “I hope that this letter of appreciation will serve as a token of the close relationship between our countries”.

“I visited the rescued sailors at the hospital a day after the incident. To our understanding, your people demonstrated a great deal of professionalism and expertise, managing the rescue operation under severe weather conditions, in stormy waters”.

The meeting between the Ukrainian officials and the servicemen, who took part in the operation, was sealed with a toast by Brig. Gen. A, commander of the Tel-Nof air base who said:  “the rescue teams, whose job is to save lives, are the symbol of the Israeli Air Force”.

During the visit, the Ukrainian officials also met with the Minister of Defence Ehud Barak, and Chief of General Staff Lieut. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi.