Thanking the aircrew’s wives Thanking the aircrew’s wives

“This is a very special evening for us” Thanking the aircrew’s wives

“This is a very special evening for us” The spouses of the aircrews and air reconnaissance controllers from the “First” squadron gathered to hear about their husbands’ activity during operation “Protective Edge”

Vered Talala | Translation: Eden Sharon

Operation “Protective Edge” kept the aircrews and air reconnaissance controllers very busy for a long period of time. But they were not the only ones to bear the brunt – The wives of the squadron’s reservists dealt with the absence of their spouses and their inability to share any details from their activity. Last week, a festive event was thrown in honor of these devoted ladies.

During the evening, the ladies were exposed to the activity of the squadron in routine and during Operation “Protective Edge”. The squadron commander presented them with a summery video, a small glimpse of the many missions of the squadron.

“Being a reconnaissance squadron, our squadron accumulated the largest number of flight hours during Operation ‘Protective Edge’”, said Major Yo’av, squadron Commander. “I believe that our strength depends upon many aspects, one of which is our people’s homes”.
As mentioned, the “First” squadron worked tirelessly during the last operation and carried out hundreds of sorties.

“I can finally understand what he’s doing”
Lieutenant (Res.) Tom, An air reconnaissance controller from the “First” squadron, has worked for many hours during the operation and his girlfriend has also attended the special event: He led her to the operations room and explained about his job and the different equipment he is using.
“This is a very special evening for us. It allows our partners to become more involved with our activity, especially our activity during ‘Protective Edge’”, said Lieutenant (Res.) Tom.

Asia, his girlfriend, shared the feelings from that time. “I had many fears, but I realized the importance of his actions”, she said. “It is nice to meet other people who understand what I’m going through”.
Anat, the wife of Major Y’, a pilot from the squadron, spoke of her coping during the operation. “He flew every day but tried to return home for dinner every evening”, she explained. “It wasn’t easy dealing with our two kids alone, let alone while sirens are going off. Now I can finally understand what he’s doing, it’s very exciting”.