The annual officer’s and NCO Rally The traditional annual rally of Officers and NCOs (Non Commissioned Officers), marked 40 years since the six-day war. The event was attended by IAF Commander, Maj. Gen. Eliezer Shkedi

Hila Polka | Nikolai Avrutov

“Every time I attend this rally, I look at you, and my heart is filled with pride”, said Maj. Gen. Shkedi at the rally. “I am proud of the energy, the friendship, and the quality of people we have here today. They call it human capital, and I call it the Air Force family. As a family, we have the confidence in our abilities”.

At the rally, the Air Force Band gave a wonderful performance, and a movie show casing personal stories from the six-day war was featured. “It was a wonderful event and a terrific opportunity to bring everyone together”, told us Maj. Ariel, who attended the rally.

During the evening, the “Air Force Commander Award for Projects” was given to the Technical Intelligence Services Unit, and Diplomas of appreciation to several units who demonstrated extra leadership and excellence during the year.