The Church Solutes ZAHAL and the IAF The Church Solutes ZAHAL and the IAF

Ofer Brazilai | Translation: Nikolai Avrutov



Some 400 members of the church of Pastor John C. Hagee visited Hazerim air base last Tuesday. Most of them are from Texas. According to Benjamin Worth, a member of the Huston Jewish Community, who escorted the guests during their stay in Israel, Pastor Hagee is the spiritual mentor of some six thousand people in Texas, and millions of others around the world, who he is able to reach through his private TV channel.


Hagee’s community is an avid supporter of Israel. Charitable events, and rallies in support of Israel are often organized by members of the community.

The visit to was nine days long, during which the guests traveled throughout the country from the Sea of Galilee up north to the Dead Sea down south. The gathering at the Hazerim air base was the last stop on the tour, where members of the community met with 300 students. The community church sang several songs, including classical Hebrew songs (such as “Hallelujah” and “Hevenu shalom Alechem”. The choir also surprised with a unique performance of “Have Nagila”. Later, the Air Force band performed several English as well as Israeli songs.

In his speech, Pastor John C. Hagee blessed IDF and the Air Force.