The Final Flight The Final Flight The Final Flight The Final Flight The moment of truth has arrived for trainees of the IAF Aviation course 166: This morning they conducted their final flight, just moments before marching to the graduation ceremony stage. Who was waiting in the navigator seat as the proctor? None other than Commander of the IAF, Major General Amir Eshel

Lilach Gonen

In two weeks, graduates of the IAF Aviation Course 166 will stand on stage, and receive their long-awaited wings pin, after three long years of learning the ins and outs of aviation. Just a moment before their graduation, the protégés have to take their final test. “They learn everything from the beginning. And now it’s time for their last flight”, explained captain Hagai, commander of Course 166 in the advanced combat section. “It’s the last takeoff they will conduct while in the course; it’s meant to test them on everything they ever learned. They will practice aerial battles- the most challenging activity the trainees get to perform at the advanced level.

To test the future pilots, the senior commanders of the force gathered at the base in Hatzrim. Among them, stood commander of the Air Force, Major General Amir Eshel, who tested T’ on his last flight as a trainee in the course. “There is no doubt that we’ve been waiting for this moment, after three years of the pilot course where we were challenged at every turn” said Y’, a trainee who was tested last night by Head of IAF Headquarters, Brigadier General Hagi Topolansky. “This is our last takeoff, which sums up the last stage of the course. And we want to demonstrate a high level of flying experience and each mistake is a lot more critical. It’s a little weird to think that this is our last flight as trainees in the course”