The First Interception The First Interception The First Interception For the first time since the IDF placed the ‘Iron Dome’ system in the south, the system managed to intercept a rocket fired from Gaza towards the area of Ashkelon

Last night, the “Iron Dome” system intercepted “Grad” rocket fired towards Israel, for the first time since it was stationed in the south. The rocket was fired from Gaza towards the area of Ashkelon.

With the decision to deploy the system two weeks ago, one battery was set up in the area of Beer Sheva and early this week an additional battery was deployed in the area of Ashkelon, last night recording its first victory.

“This is definitely sooner than what we expected”, says Lieutenant Colonel Shabi Ben-Bachor, the “Iron Dome” Unit commander, “but considering the circumstances of the last days, it was decided to have the first deployment now. We are at an operational testing stage and therefore we will operate in a more controlled and slower manner in order to ensure that the first interception will happen successfully. We have waited for this for a long time-both within the unit and for many people outside the unit. The batteries have been training for more than a year in order to achieve readiness both from an operational and professional standpoint. The unit and all of the soldiers and people within it are skilled in operating the system. The system itself is also ready and has proven itself in trials against a wide variety of threats. We are ready”.

In an interview with the Air Force Journal, Gen. Doron Gavish, commander of aerial defense, said yesterday morning that the system is ready for launch and will be activated according to operational considerations. As stated, yesterday, the system was activated for the first time and with success.