The IAF flight academy goes underway

July marks the drafting of the first class into the flight course. The class will complete the course in three years time with a first academic degree, instead of the customary two. The decision had fallen at the end of 2001, after years of tests and research on the matter. With accordance to the decision, the flight course’s structure had been altered from four to five stages, as after the primary stage (Third in number) the cadets go on to complete a full academic degree within one year. In addition to the concentrated year, several academic courses are scattered among the other stages of the course.

The university of Ben-Gurion, which won the bidding will operate the flight academy in a campus built in the IAF base Hatzerim and offer the cadets four possible study programs:

– First degree in math and computer science
– First degree in management and information technology
– First degree in management and economics
– First degree in management and government politics

At the end of the three years the cadets receive their flight wings and officer ranks as well as signing on  to a service of no less then nine years, instead of the previously required six.

In a ceremony conducted to mark the official opening of the flight academy Air Force commander Major General Danny Halutz added: “The opening of the academy is a critical turning point in the IAF since it is meant to take care of what matters most – the man, the fighter”