The Grad hunters The Grad hunters “Iron Dome” fighters have intercepted a number of Grad rockets that were fired toward Be’er Sheva and Ashkelon since yesterday (Wednesday) evening. In addition, the IAF attacked four targets in the Gaza Strip

Lya Shanel

Aerial Defense Force fighters of “Iron Dome” batteries intercepted rockets fired toward Be’er Sheva and Ashkelon in the past day. Throughout the night, the IAF conducted four attacks in Gaza, one of which against a group of terrorists that planned to fire Grad rockets toward Israel.

Other attacks were on a weapon storage site, a smuggling tunnel and a weapon manufacturing site in the southern part of the strip.

Over 20 rockets and mortars were fired toward Israel yesterday and throughout the night. One of the rockets’ shrapnel mildly injured a nine-month-old infant.

The escalation occurred after the IAF killed Islamic Jihad executive Ismaeel Asmar, who funded the terrorist attack in Eilat last week and was involved in the planning of other attacks.

“We intercepted rockets throughout the night. The crews here worked all night”, says Captain Itamar Abo, commander of the battery placed in Be’er Sheva. “Meanwhile, since the first interception in the early morning, it’s been calmer”.

Even if the calm continues, the Aerial Defense Force and the “Iron Dome” batteries are still on high alert in Southern Israel and are prepared for the scenario of another escalation.