The IAF Hits Terrorist in Gaza This morning, an IAF aircraft hit a terrorist riding a motorcycle in Gaza City. The terrorist who was hit was involved in firing rockets on the city of Ashkelon last week and other rocket attacks. Last night, F-15 planes attacked weapons-manufacturing infrastructure in the Gaza Strip in response to the rocket fire

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The IAF targeted terrorist, Ahmed Saad, from the Palestinian terrorist group, Islamic Jihad, in the heart of Gaza City. Saad has recently been involved in the firing of rockets on Israeli communities and in the planning of more such attacks.

The terrorist who was killed this morning, Ahmed Saad, was active in the field of rocket-firing on behalf of the Palestinian terrorist organization, Islamic Jihad, in the Gaza Strip, and worked to hit population centers inside Israel territory. Saad was personally responsible for the firing of rockets on the city of Ashkelon on Thursday night, the 16th of January, 2014. In the past, he was involved in the firing of rockets on Israeli territory and in the planting of rockets, and helped carry out high-trajectory fire.

Also, Saad took part in high-trajectory firing during Operation Pillar of Defense, during which around 1,500 rockets were fired on major Israeli cities, and during a round of escalation in March, 2012. In recent days, Saad continued planning high-trajectory firing on the State of Israel.

Additionally, last week, five rockets, which were fired towards the city of Ashkelon, were intercepted by the “Iron Dome” system. In response to the rocket fire on Israeli territory, F-15A/B planes hit weapons manufacturing infrastructure in the Gaza Strip.
The IDF takes any firing on the State of Israel very seriously, and will continue to work vigorously against any attempt to carry out a terrorist attack.