The IAF Salutes 50,000 Reservists The IAF Salutes 50,000 Reservists The IAF Salutes 50,000 Reservists The IAF Salutes 50,000 Reservists Tonight, in honor of reserve duty soldiers and officers’ service to the force, a ceremony is being held by the Ministry of Defense

Shani Poms

The reserve duty formation is a significant part of the IDF, and is constructed of long lines of people devoted to their units. Once a year, the IAF honors the loyal people who come back time after time, wearing their uniforms and prepared to serve their country once more. Tonight, an event in their honor will be held with the presence of Minister of Defense Moshe Yaalon. Throughout 2013, more than 50,000 people belong to the reserve duty formation of the IAF. “Our reservists are an inseparable part of everyday and operational activities”, says Major Oded Levy, Head of the IAF Reservist Unit. “They arrive here, wanting to volunteer, and it’s a very commendable. They stop their lives, put on their uniforms and sacrifice many things. People who belong to the reserve duty formation are, without a shadow of a doubt, extraordinary people”.

Unlike other military units, the IAF reserve duty operation schedule is divided to specific days–not weeks. “The achievements we have gained can be traced back to the reserve duty formation, and in light of our future obstacles we need it to be strong and stable. Without you, we could not be the Israeli Air Force”, said IAF Commander, Major General Amir Eshel.

Last month, IDF Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz, awarded 41 honorable commendations to various people of the reserve duty formation. Some of the chosen soldiers had served in the IAF. “25 years have gone by, and I’m still part of the reserve duty formation. I’m still very attached to military life in a way that can’t be explained to people who have been already released”, wrote Chief Warrant Officer (Res.) A’, a supervisor from the loading unit who received the commendation. “We get a phone call and we immediately arrive. Of course, it’s not always a convenient time for us and it is sometimes very dangerous. We understand the significance of our presence”.