The IAF Technical School

The Technical School has been the source for maintenance personnel since the first days of the IAF. Through the years, the overall mission of the School has broadened considerably. Today its scope goes beyond the initial qualification of ground crews. The Technical School has become a major academic institution, providing recognized certification in several technical fields. It also provides intensive refresher training for field personnel and conducts basic and advanced officers training courses. There is a special course for training maintenance instructors as well.

Two technical high schools operate under the aegis of the Technical School: one in Beer Sheva and one at the School’s main base at Haifa. Living in a paramilitary dormitory environment, thousands of cadets study for their general and vocational high school diplomas. The School also provides IAF soldiers with the opportunity to complete their

matriculation. In addition to its training role, the Technical School performs many important operational functions. Yet despite its daily operational commitments, the School’s focus is clearly on the future.

Today’s cadets must be prepared to maintain tomorrow’s technology. Utilizing advanced training methods and equipment, the School constantly improves the quality of its graduates. These are the men and women who give IAF pilots the edge in today’s high-tech battle arena.