The Israel Air Force – Introduction

Today’s Israel Air Force plays a key role in its nation’s defense. Through its achievements, the IAF has gained a worldwide reputation for excellence. Its professional standards are highly regarded by the international aviation community. Of equal importance, the IAF’s strength and vitality have become a source of pride to Jews everywhere.

This page presents both the past and present, providing the reader with a unique insight into the IAF. While tracing the IAF’s development through Israel’s wars, it highlights a few of the daring and imaginative operations which have fired the public’s imagination, both at home and abroad.

The history spans vastly different eras. The aircraft include every type imaginable: fighters, helicopters and transports, beginning with ancient Auster light planes and culminating with today’s Mach 2 interceptors. But one element has remained constant – the determination and bravery of the men in their machines. Indeed, it is the human element which enables the IAF to do its job. Today’s air force operates sophisticated flying and ground-based weapons systems essential for survival on the modern, hi-tech battlefield. However, even a precision-guided munition does not reach its target without the total dedication of many highly-skilled men and women. They are our secret weapons: the pilot on alert and the maintenance crews working long into the night; the radar controller sitting deep inside a bunker and the Vulcan 20 mm air defense soldier sleeping under the stars. Together, they guarantee that the skies above Israel remain safe and clear.