Two workers who were part of an eye exams are suspected of leaking around and spreading them to others via the national cyber interntiachidat Lahav 433, and intelligence investigation recently completed investigation concerns a suspected leaking matriculation exams in Arabic.

The investigation began after 1945 15.1.15 matriculation examination was published in the Arabic Web sites two hours prior to the start of and after the complaint was filed in this matter by the Education Ministry officials. Later on suspicion that other ways are in Arabic, were leaked and circulated in social networks and other means.

The investigation is adopted and that started a covert investigation and date 28.1.15 became visible from a very wide range of actions on the technological, operational and intelligence, investigative, testimonies, detained and interrogated several suspects.

The investigation revealed that two of the suspects, who were hired by a company and served in various roles in an array of eye exams, exam content in Arabic in early implementation and software using the Internet. In relation to other tests on suspected were leaked, not detected and/or suspects formed of evidentiary suspects identified and interrogated.

Now, with the completion of the investigation, the investigation produced insights will be transmitted in the context of the method to the Ministry of education, in order to help improve processes and preventing the recurrence of such incidents in the future.

Head of Department of Internal Affairs and the intelligence head blade position and only 433 are investigating that crime checklist evidentiary formed the basis of custody by public servants by two suspects. The case was transferred to the Northern District Prosecutor’s Office for review and decision.

Translated from Hebrew